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We are embracing tha latest technology and are now able to offer the titles below for your Kindle or Kobo. Please click on the relevant link for your ereader which will take you straight to the book on either Amazon or the Kobo website.


Saga of the Discovery eBook by Louis Bernacchi cover photo

Saga of the Discovery - Louis Bernacchi

Louis Bernacchi's book 'Saga of the 'Discovery' is a comprehensive history of the fascinating ship which was built specifically for Antarctic exploration and which was used intermittently for such purposes until the early 1930s when she was given to the Boy Scouts Association....

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The Great Gatsby eBook by F. Scott Fitzgerald cover photo

The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald

The mysterious Jay Gatsby uses his fabulous wealth to create an enchanted world fit for his former love, Daisy Buchanan, now married to Tom. Daisy, though, is a romanticised figment of his own imagination, and the extraordinary world that he creates is equally illusory....

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The Tempest eBook by William Shakespeare cover photo

The Tempest - William Shakespeare

This Shakespeare play has often been regarded as his farewell before retirement. It is certainly the most profound, fascinating and lyrical of his late comedies.

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