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The following titles are currently available and can be ordered through this website or from your local bookshop by giving them the ISBN number. For Large Print titles please click on the Large Print option above.

Robert Patrick by Giles Hunt cover photo
Robert Patrick: Lieutenant at Fourteen; died a Colonel at Twenty-five - Giles Hunt

Aged fifteen, Robert Patrick was commanding a company during the Helder Expedition of 1799. Ten years later he died of wounds while commanding a Portugese battalion that held a vital bridge long enough to enable Wellington's army to land at Lisbon before Marshal Soult could get there....

The Saga of the Discovery cover photo
Saga of the Discovery - Louis Bernacchi

Louis Bernacchi's book 'Saga of the 'Discovery' is a comprehensive history of the fascinating ship which was built specifically for Antarctic exploration and which was used intermittently for such purposes until the early 1930s when she was given to the Boy Scouts Association....

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